How to Repair and Optimize Drupal Database

MySQL Repair and Optimize Database Table

How to Repair a corrupted drupal database?. If You have your drupal website hosted in a LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), You can follow the following steps to repair the corrupted MySQL database tables. May be!, sometimes the database tables get crashed during processing, so that they should be optimized periodically.

For Drupal DataBase Support

Optimizing MySQL Database

Databases can possibly become large with the number of pages served and saved user data. For improving the performance of a drupal website with huge web traffic, periodic table (database table) optimization is needed. To optimize a MySQL database, follow these steps:

To select all of the tables at once, select the Check All check box.

Repairing MySQL Database

Databases can become corrupted for any number of reasons, from software defects to hardware issues. If this occurs, you can try to repair database tables using phpMyAdmin.

Database Maintenance / Support Service

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Drupal Modules for Database Optimization

DB Maintenance

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